TheTransylvania Chronicles

AD 1413
Dark Tides Falling

The events of this act play out against a background of
bloody war in Eastern Europe and growing civil unrest in Western
Europe. The revolt of English peasants led by Wat Tyler in
1381, though ultimately doomed, signaled the beginning of
sweeping changes that would rock the solid hold the nobility
had over the lower classes. In Transylvania, although the voivodes
still exercised their iron grip over the peasants, other forces
moved to threaten their power. The Turks, having effectively
put an end to the Crusades through the capture of Jerusalem, set
their eyes on the fertile lands of their invaders and sent their
armies westward. Sofia fell to the Turks in AD 1382; 11 years
later, under Bajazet’s leadership, they subdued Bulgaria, therefore
placing them uncomfortably close to the borders of Hungary
and Transylvania.
In Spain, the fires of the Inquisition sparked a wave of fear
in Cainite circles. Elder vampires sought shelter from their
righteous persecutors, often ordering their childer to hold off the
armies of the Church while they themselves fled to safety. Many
Cainites sought to hide the proof of their existence, conceiving
a complicated “Masquerade” to camouflage their traces; others
spoke of forming a vampiric union to govern all Cainites. This
union, or Camarilla, would preserve the rigid hierarchy of power
through generation. Young Cainites saw little to their advantage
in the new proposal.
The Brujah Patricia Bollingbroke, inspired by the actions
of her mortal lover, Wat Tyler, now ensconced in Spain, led her
own rebellion in 1395. Her followers, who would become known
as “anarchs,” decried the use of younger Cainites as sacrificial
lambs and sought to refuse the demands of their terrified and
self-serving sires.
Finally, in 1405, anarchs among the Lasombra succeeded in
diablerizing their founder of their of the clan, thus freeing
themselves from the tyranny (as they saw it) of generations.
Now, nearly a decade later, in the stronghold of the Tzimisce
voiuodes, the younger members of the Fiends whisper among
themselves that perhaps the actions of the Lasombra merit
One last occurrence marks this period of history in ways
significant to both Cainites and mortals. Migrating from their
homeland far to the southeast, tribes of Gypsies make their first
large-scale appearance in Eastern Europe. In Transylvania, the
nobles quickly assimilate these talented, mystical folk into their
peasant class, often enslaving them because of their landless
status. Other Gypsies remain travelers, spending their time in an
endless migration from village to village, never staying long
enough to fall into the clutches of the uoiuodes. Arriving with
some of these folk are members of the Ravnos clan, trailing
mischief and chaos in their wake.

Acts I and II

The characters are summoned to Buda-Pest to meet with a patron and their sires. Encountering (apparently by chance) a madman, the characters hear his prophecies of their involvement in great events that may shape the future of the world. They then meet their patron, who offers them a chance to build a keep in the strategically important Tihuta Pass in Transylvania. Their patron assures them that if they can build the keep and establish their presence in the territory, they will be rewarded with fiefs in Transylvania. The characters experience some difficulties along the road, meet with a famous Cainite builder, and succeed in their task.

Act II follows the characters as they move back and forth across Transylvania, fulfilling promises made in Act I. The master builder Zelios asks for their help in completing a geomantic ritual designed to bind the demon known as Kupala. They must also decide if they will meet an obligation to Myca Vykos, who requests them to escort a truant Tremere to the dread chantry of Ceoris. On the way, they encounter a group of knights escorting part of the fabled treasure of the Templars to their headquarters in Bran Castle. Goratrix tries to convince them to take that treasure for their own. The characters narrowly survive and meet with Tremere, then travel to the castle of Dragomir Basarab. The meeting with Basarab eventually leads the characters to a pivotal event in Cainite history…


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