TheTransylvania Chronicles

Acts I and II

The characters are summoned to Buda-Pest to meet with a patron and their sires. Encountering (apparently by chance) a madman, the characters hear his prophecies of their involvement in great events that may shape the future of the world. They then meet their patron, who offers them a chance to build a keep in the strategically important Tihuta Pass in Transylvania. Their patron assures them that if they can build the keep and establish their presence in the territory, they will be rewarded with fiefs in Transylvania. The characters experience some difficulties along the road, meet with a famous Cainite builder, and succeed in their task.

Act II follows the characters as they move back and forth across Transylvania, fulfilling promises made in Act I. The master builder Zelios asks for their help in completing a geomantic ritual designed to bind the demon known as Kupala. They must also decide if they will meet an obligation to Myca Vykos, who requests them to escort a truant Tremere to the dread chantry of Ceoris. On the way, they encounter a group of knights escorting part of the fabled treasure of the Templars to their headquarters in Bran Castle. Goratrix tries to convince them to take that treasure for their own. The characters narrowly survive and meet with Tremere, then travel to the castle of Dragomir Basarab. The meeting with Basarab eventually leads the characters to a pivotal event in Cainite history…


ScruffyScoundrel ScruffyScoundrel

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