Octavio's Prophecies

Octavio’s Prophecies:
“Stand, 0 children, whose shoulders bear the burden of redemption!
Long have my eyes sought beyond to that which has been and will
be. He rises and all must be ready! Soon you shall meet with one whose
plans lead you into the heart of terror and exultation. Rejoice, for you
shall witness all. You play a grand part in what comes. Ah! The sweet
heart’s blood, let it wash away the sin. Eight signs of the coming nights
shine within my vision. I see you within each. Though nothing is ever
prevented, yet it might be transformed by the actions of a few. Go now,
my children, and remember my words when the patterning is asked of
you. Saulot lies; flee his visions! Prosper and we shall meet again.”

“Hear me! Though I long ago warned you, thou hast done
nothing to quell the demon’s awakening! The first of the signs has
seen fulfillment and yet you wait! Will you remain idle while the
land’s heart is ripped from its bleeding chest? Do you not see that
eternal night is almost upon us? He stirs and with him, the ancient
ones groan upon their stony beds, their hunger shrieking for our vitae.
The loss of a holy land, the breaking of a holy order, and the downfall
of a mighty magus. The sign has come, the first of those that lead to
ever-blackness and death eternal. You stand within the whirlwind.
Seven more remain; what cannot be stopped must be transformed.
On you rests our redemption or destruction. Do not fail me again!”

“And there shall come to pass the loss of a holy land
(presumably the Levant, known as the Holy Land to generations of
crusaders, lost to Christian Europe in 1291), the breaking of a holy
order (he has had a vision of Knights Templar in the hands of the
Inquisitors and being burned at the stake) and the downfall of a
mighty magus (in this one, he cannot clearly make out the face of
the magus).”

“The passing of years and the fires of the righteous shall
bring upon us a parting of kin, one from the other. The children
shall revile their parents, slaying them in their beds, and brother
shall smite brother.”

“Ave, militates! Hear now these words, for on them rests the
balance of times to come. Lo, I beheld a great upheaval among the
sons of the first born of Adam. Beneath their feet opened a great
chasm. Upon its lip they stood, poised to fall. Opposite them stood
the generations, angry and resentful.
Thus, it is given to me to speak this warning unto you, 0 keepers
of the balance and bearers of the signs of the last days! And the childer
shall be divided, brother against brother, hands raised against one
another, even as Caine himself once slew his kin. The lesser shall
become greater and the great shall fall in a whirlwind of blood. One
of the eldest has gone down into the pit, never to return. Another
awaits doom from the kiss of his ungrateful childer.
“Arise now, and go forth, all ye who hear my words.”

Octavio's Prophecies

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